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June 6, 2018

5 Reasons to Switch from Paper to Plastic Marketing Mailers

An average US household receive dozens of marketing mailers per week. The sheer number of marketing pamphlets and offers received via mail often causes homeowners to overlook even the most lucrative deals and discount. Most people simply sort out the marketing mailers on their way back to the front door from their mailboxes. This is the limited window for marketing mailers to shine and get noticed. Unfortunately, American consumers are so exposed to marketing taglines that even the most vibrant headers often fail to grab their attention. This is where plastic mailers come into play. When you print on plastic cards you immediately end up with a marketing mailer that not only looks different but also feels different. Plastic marketing mailers can have unique translucent sections and other creative design elements. Following are 5 reasons to switch from paper and print on plastic cards to get more out of direct mailer campaigns.

They Pass the Touch Test: One of the most important reasons for printing plastic postcard mailers is that they feel different to touch. This means when the recipient is browsing through a stack of boring paper pamphlets, a plastic mailer would instantly feel different and thus encourage him or her to pay attention. In other words, plastic mailers have more chance of getting noticed than its paper counterpart.

People Have a Hard Time Throwing Them Away: Have you ever tried to throw away anything that looks beautiful and feels luxurious? Your brain automatically tells you that you shouldn’t do it. Right from its textured feel to its uniquely different design, people often face a difficult time throwing away plastic mailers. This buys the mailer more time and thus increases the chances of sales inquiries.

They Seem Exclusive: The problem with mass mailers is that they look cheap and disposable. Consumers know that companies are sending these cheap paper marketing mails by the thousands and thus there is no real sense of exclusivity. However, when a company chooses to print on plastic cards instead of paper, they automatically influence their customers to value their deals and offers. This means they get more customer responses per marketing mail.

They Can Have Translucent Design Elements: Anything that can be printed on paper can be printed on plastic cards. Unlike paper, however, plastic mailers and postcards can have translucent design elements. Apart from that, the plastic medium allows the colors to really pop and it thus separates them from boring paper mailers. Simply put, plastic cards and mailers look more attractive and vibrant than even the most high-quality paper prints.

They are Durable and Waterproof: Paper has a tendency of degrading in a short period of time. Plastic mailers, on the other hand, retains its look for years. Not easily damaged, these waterproof plastic mailers can survive even the harshest of shipping and mailing processes. This is why business owners really don’t need to account for shipping damage when ordering these custom printed plastic cards for sending out mass marketing mails.

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