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May 5, 2017

Increase Your Gift Card Sales the Easy Way

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6 Reasons Why Your Gift Card Program Is Not Working

If you want to quickly boost your gift card sales, you have come to the right place. According to market analysts, gift card sales are likely to reach $160 billion in 2018. This means if your store’s gift card campaign is not working, then you are doing something wrong. Without boring you with general details about how good gift cards are, let’s just jump ahead. Following are 6 reasons why your gift card program is not gaining momentum.

Not Enough Promotion

Let’s start with the basics. The key to gift card sales or any sale for that matter is promotion. How can you expect your customers to buy gift cards if they don’t know that you’re selling them? Make sure you have enough posters, danglers, and signage to target people in and out of your store. If you have sales executives working for you, then incentivize them for upselling gift cards. Complement the above-mentioned marketing tactics with social media campaign and E-mail newsletters to bring in fresh customers.

There Is Nothing in It for the Gift Giver

Selling a gift card presents you an opportunity to attract two customers, the buyer and the recipient. The trick is to offer something to the buyer for buying the gift card. For example, you can give away free $25 gift cards to buyers who purchase gift cards worth $100 or more. Rather than just buying a gift card for a friend or relative, buyers can use the $25 to get something for themselves.

Maybe It’s the Gift Card Itself

No matter what the discount, no one wants to gift an item that looks cheap. That’s why it’s important to source the cards from a reputed custom gift card printer such as PlasCards. This ensures you get a card that has a premium look and feel. It’s also a good idea to include an elegant case and a simple bow. Alternatively, you can even buy custom gift card holders from PlasCards.

They Lack the Personal Touch

One of the major complaints about gift cards is that they are not personalized. You can change all that with a simple office printer. Ask your customer to write down a special message. For a nominal charge, print that message on a quality piece of paper and stick it on the underside of the gift card case lid.

Not Targeting Impulsive Buyers

Most customers decide to buy a gift card at the checkout counter. The key is to set a marketing trap right at the counter that targets impulsive buyers. A well placed point-of-sale display that showcases the offer and the gift cards themselves should be able to generate sales.

Not Tapping Into Your Customer Database

One of the most effective ways of boosting gift card sale is by filtering out customers who are more prone to make a purchase. Look up your store’s purchase history and find out people who have bought gift cards before. A friendly marketing call or an E-mail newsletter can potentially prompt these customers to repurchase. You can even consider offering exclusive deals and discounts to make them feel special.

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