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May 4, 2017

Set Your Business Apart From the Competition With Plastic Business Cards

Gaining new clients is crucial for any business. As a business owner, you need to constantly spend time and effort building business contacts. In the quest to build long lasting business relationships, it’s imperative you outshine your competitors in every way. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd with an ordinary business card. Following are a few reasons why plastic business cards are perfect for making that great first impression.

Plastic Business Cards – Stand Out!

Custom plastic card to win clients

It Sets Your Business Apart From the Competition: Thanks to its unique look and feel, nicely printed plastic business cards generally stick out in a stack of boring paper cards. This not only helps your business card to grab attention but it also creates a lasting impression in your client’s’ mind. This, in turn, improves the rate of call backs and positive responses.  Being a much more dynamic material, plastic gives you the creative freedom to play with a lot of design options and create a design that looks fresh. Clients such as purchase managers of multinational firms have to browse through several business cards daily to find the contact they need. They usually spend a few seconds looking at a business card before moving on to the next one. A plastic business card portrays a sense of quality and style that’s difficult to overlook.  This means even if you offer the same product or service at the same rate as your competitors, a plastic card gives you a significant edge.

Customers Have a Better Time Remembering Your Company’s Name: It’s easy to remember things that excite us. This is why we forget to take the trash out but almost never forget the date and time of our favorite sporting events. Banking on this human psychology, plastic business cards manages to score another point over traditional cards. Being unique and fresh, the design of your company’s plastic card and the logo on it gets embedded in the customer’s mind. This means even when your business card isn’t right in front them, they face no trouble remembering your company’s name. Therefore, next time they need a product or service you offer they invariably call you instead of browsing for more options.

Showcases Your Company as Modern: There is no denying the fact that plastic cards are the evolutionary next step in business card technology. They are environmentally friendly, they look better, and they are much more durable. Plastic cards can even be embedded with NFC chips. When you give away plastic business cards to your business contacts, it showcases that your company is willing to embrace change. Most modern businesses like to be associated with dynamic and fun firms that are driven by people who like to break the mould. Simply by adopting plastic over conventional paper, you automatically attract creative individuals as clients, customers, or employees.

Plastic business cards are more expensive than conventional stock paper cards. However, they certainly pay you back by generating more customer and client responses.  Give your firm the edge it deserves by ordering plastic business cards from Plascards, today.



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