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How to build a loyalty program with Punchable Plastic Cards?

Loyalty Punchable Plastic Key Tags The idea of building a loyalty program with plastic key tags, that is laminated and punchable by a hole puncher, is most commonly used by auto repair shops, oil change facilities and car washes.

As you can see in the picture above, these are some of the loyalty key tags we printed for some of our customers, where the cards are designed to reward incentives, and motivate customers to stay loyal to your business.

In this case, the key tags are customized with the company's logo and info printed in full color, and punchable icons on the bottom. - The customer gets a loyalty key tag, which is then punched each time they do an oil change or a car wash, the reward? the 5'th purchase being offered completely free of charge.

Plastic loyalty cards, in the form of a punchable key tag, also works with almost every brick and mortar business there is, such as parking lots, oil change and auto repair shops, coffee shops, deli's, dry cleaners, car washes, restaurants and what not.

These loyalty punch cards and key tags, are a great marketing strategy, it's an exciting new way to help increase your sales, and will build up your brands loyalty program to new heights. - But it can do so much more for your business, if you also let it serve as membership cards and as discount cards, by including a scannable barcode or QR code onto the back of the key tags, and scan it every time your customer checks out, to automatically apply store discounts to their purchase. This will make your loyal customers feel like they are VIP, and belong to "the club".

You can purchase online many custom shaped hole punches, buy the shape that matches best your business type.

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Our standard punchable loyalty key tags are made of 30 mil thick laminated plastic, and can be die cut to many different custom shapes. - Place your order here