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Fundraiser Discount Cards

Raising money through discount card fundraiser programs, has a proven track record of success, and has been generating revenue for school sports teams, churches and many other non-profit organizations. - Select below from our custom plastic fundraising cards, with or without break-off key tags. We have the card layout and configuration that works best for your needs. - We also offer design services to help you maximize sponsorship placement. - With specials, discounts and logos mostly provided by your local restaurants, fast food establishments, spas and other local sponsors, custom discount cards is the best fundraising idea for Schools and sports teams.

Plastic Fundraising Cards

A custom printed plastic fundraising card is the best fundraiser idea to promote your school, cause and or charity campaign. - A typical plastic fundraiser card is printed full color on both sides, with a high gloss finish, and usually sells for about $20 a piece.

One side would typically have all the merchant logos and sponsorship deals, and the other side would have the logo of your organization, the cost per card, an expiration date and a game schedule if applicable. – But of course, our plastic fundraising cards can be fully customized to suit your own requirements and needs.

Custom fundraiser discount cards are mostly popular with schools, sports teams and booster clubs, but it should work for any other organization looking to raise money or promote a cause.

How a Fundraiser Discount Card Works

Start by reaching out to local businesses in your area, and ask them if they would participate in your fundraising cards program. - By offering discounts on your custom fundraiser cards, in addition to supporting your School, sports team, or other non-profit fundraising efforts, it would offer them in return free advertising and they’ll earn new potential customers.

Any local shop or business that is looking to join your fundraiser discount cards, would simply need to provide you with a discount along with their company logo and store location. – A discount can be anything like buy one get one free. - Spend $ amount and get one item at ½ off. - Or, a % off towards any specific in-store purchase.

Once you have collected enough vendors and discounts, you should decide on one of the custom discount card templates above, the one that fits best your needs, and will fit all the vendors and their discounts.

If you don’t have your own artwork design team, you can also send us all the discounts you’ve collected, artwork, logos and text, as well as a game schedule if any, and our art-team will put together a fully custom fundraising card design for you and we’ll then send you a digital PDF proof for approval.