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PlasCards Knowledge Base / Help Center


Artwork Help   Visit our 'Artwork Guide" to learn all about how to design your gift card art, setup variable data and how to submit your print ready art to us.
  Help with Artwork


Barcodes Guide   Visit our 'Barcodes Guide' to find out the type of barcode you need to print on your plastic cards and key tags. Our chart also lets you know how many digits you will need for each barcode type.
  Help with Barcodes

Magnetic Stripes

Mag stripes Guide   Visit our 'complete Guide to Magnetic Stripes on plastic cards' to find out everything you need to know before placing an order for magstripe gift cards.
  Help with Magstripes


Magnetic Stripe Encoding   Visit our 'Encoding Guide" to find out how value is loaded onto gift cards, but most importantly, find out what you need to ask your POS provider, before you place your order with us.
  Encoding Magstripe Cards Guide

Variable Data

Variable Data Setup   Visit our 'Variable Data Guide' to find out how to setup a database with multiple information that's unique and different from card to card, i.e. printing member names and images.
  Help with Variable Data

Scratch Off's

Scratch Off sizes   Visit our 'Scratch Off's Guide' to find out how to best make use of our "scratch-off cards" when you need to hide a PIN or a code.
  Help with Scratch Off Panels

How to Start a Gift Card Program

Gift Card Program   Here is our guide to how to start a custom gift card program for small businesses, get your POS system to work with gift cards, and what you need to know.
  Composite cards VS PVC Cards

Back of Gift Card Disclaimers

Back of Gift Card Wording   Find sample text for gift card disclaimers and back of card terms and conditions, to help you create your own custom business gift cards.
  Back of Gift Card Disclaimers

Composite VS PVC

PVC or Composite   Compare PROS and CONS between 'Composite cards VS PVC plastic cards', to find out which one is right for you, and which plastic type should you choose for printing your custom plastic cards.
  Composite cards VS PVC Cards


Rush Turnaround info   Visit our 'Turn Times FAQ page' to learn about or turnaround and delivery times, and how fast we can rush your order.
  Info on Turnaround Times
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