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Artwork For Gift Card Printing

Artwork Guide

We offer FREE artwork evaluation.

Just send us your art at our art upload page, and our art department will evaluate it for free, to see if it's print-ready with template guidelines.

What DPI setting (resolution) should I use for the artwork?

We ask for a 300 DPI (dots per inch) file minimum, to ensure that your artwork appears sharp & clear.

What format of artwork do you accept ?

1. Artwork file should be high resolution, or 300 DPI minimum
2. Artwork should be created in CMYK mode
3. If art is a vector format, please outline/embed all text and art - (in Illustrator: "Create Outlines" - in Photoshop: "Rasterize Type")
4. For edge-to-edge print, include 1/8" bleed of the art background - (past the trim edge on every side)
5. Keep all text, logos and important art (that are NOT background), inside the 'Safe Zone' of the template.
6. Do NOT send us the template die lines flattened with the art.
7. If possible, compress all files into one Zip file, and upload with your order.

Why Do we ask for 'Safe Zones' and 'Bleed'?

Because we print on the full card, edge to edge. So the extra bleed is to allow for shifting during the cutting process, we need to have 0.125" (1/8") of bleed around the outside of the actual 'cut area' for a total of .25".
Conversely, all text and graphics that are NOT background, needs to be inside the 'safe area, and 0.125" inside and away from the cut area. This will make the safe zone a total of .25" smaller then the actual print area.
The green line in our templates, is the safe zone, the pink line is the cut line, and the blue line is the bleed.

In summary:
1. Final cut is, and will remain, the card size we offer.
2. With proper bleed, the background will print edge to edge and allow for shifting during the cutting process.
3. Without proper bleed, there is a chance that there could be white lines on the edges
4. Similar to bleed (#2). The reason for the safe zone is so that, if there is shifting during the cutting process, the text or internal graphics could fall off the edge and get cut off.

Where can I get templates to help me with sizes and art design ?

Visit our templates page to download your free template in PDF or PSD (Photoshop) format, or go to the product page you are interested in, and click on the "Download Template" button under the product image.

How do I setup variable data and images, different from card to card?

You will need to send us a database spreadsheet, with all the variable data to print for each card this post details all the information you need to create this database.

How do I know what type of "Barcode" I need to print on my cards?

There are many types of barcode cards, each serving a different purpose, However, type 39, type 128 and UPC-A barcodes are the most common with plastic card printing. See our chart of all bracode types that will give you a better understanding.

What if I am having trouble uploading my artwork?

Complete the order, and email the artwork to with your order# in the subject line. For files larger then 5 MB, complete the order without uploading, and use to send us your artwork.

Will I be able to proof the artwork before my order is printed?

Yes! We never print without your final approval. A digital proof will be emailed to you for approval, at NO additional charge.