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Scratch-Off's and PIN's on Plastic Cards


Scratch Off, PIN security lables, are becoming very common with custom gift cards and loyalty cards or any plastic card where you need to hide a PIN or a code.

General rule of tolerance: The area on the plastic card to be covered by the scratch off bar, needs to be 1/16" smaller on top/bottom, and 1/8" shorter on the left/right. - With the exception of #2 & #3, which will need tighter tolerances, digression advised.

The following scratch-off lables are offered as our stock lables. All other sizes will be consiered custom order and subject to large minimums (around 100,000 cards), high prices and longer lead times. Artwork and data files should be setup to fit one of the stock options below.

Download Template for our standard "Scratch-Off's" - Or simply copy one of the scratch offs below into the Template.

#1 1.496 1.496" x .393" Scratch-Off. -

NOTE: This scratch-off has security die-cuts.

#2 1.181 1.181" x .236" Scratch-Off. -
#3 .748" x .197 Scratch-Off panel .748" x .197 Scratch-Off panel. -
#4 Scratch off panel 63x10 MM
2½" x 3/8" Scratch-Off panel. -

#5 38x10 MM Scratch Off Bar

1½" x 3/8" Scratch-Off panel. -
#6 1" x 1" Square Silver Scratch-Off 1" x 1" Square Silver Scratch-Off. -
#7 Circle (Silver & Gold) Scratch-Off 11/4" x 11/4" Circle (Silver & Gold) Scratch-Off. -
#8 1 x 1 Circle Round Scratch Off 1" x 1" Circle Scratch-Off (Silver only). -