Custom Plastic Card Printing
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Plastic Card Printing

Custom Plastic Card Printing
Custom Plastic Card Printing

(Credit Card size - CR80 - 3.375 x 2.125)

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Custom Gift Card Printing
Custom Gift Card Printing

Credit Card size - CR80 - 3.375 x 2.125
Composite Laminated Plastic Cards
PVC Plastic Cards Printing
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Membership / Rewards Cards
Membership / Rewards Cards

Membership Cards
Loyalty Cards - Rewards Cards
Promotional Cards
Discount Cards
Embossed Cards

Fundraising Cards
Fundraising Cards

Fundraising Cards (Credit Card Size - CR80)
Discount card plus 1 Key Tag
Discount card plus 2 Key Tag
Discount card plus 3 Key Tag
Discount card plus 5 Key Tag

Prepaid Phone Card Printing
Prepaid Phone Card Printing

Wireless Phone Cards
Pre-Paid Cards
Game & Sweepstakes Cards
Scratch Off Panel Cards
Secured PIN Cards

Hotel Key Cards Printing
Hotel Key Cards Printing

Magnetic Stripe Encoded Cards
Printed Hotel Key Cards
Secure Access Cards
Advertising on Key Cards

Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards

20 Mil or 30 Mil Cards
Insurance Cards
Business Cards
Laminated Plastic - PVC Plastic
Clear Transparent - Clear Frosted

Custom Plastic Card Printing

Large and small businesses today rely on plastic cards printing, that can be used for their employees and customers alike in a variety of ways. You just set up their purpose, design the artwork, print them and distribute them. It is easy to take advantage of them and their benefits are nearly endless. You want it done right though with a plastic card printing comapany. Custom magnetic stripe cards, membership and loyalty cards should come from professionals. Professional printers ensure that the quality of the job is exceptional, that the cards artwork looks sharp the way they should, and that you come away from this satisfied.

Businesses small and large, get a lot of plastic cards printed and distributed. Custom plastic gift cards with barcodes or with magnetic stripes, are a hugely popular item for bookstores, restaurants, cafes, gyms, fitness centers and many other store types. They give your consumers the chance to gift others with your products and services without purchasing specific products. It is the perfect way to get customers coming back and to get new customers coming in through recommendations. Gift cards is essentially money that can only be used at your store. This is why so many small businesses already print custom gift cards, and offer them to their clients. They are one of the best ways to bring in money and new busienss, and get customers coming back more often.

Plastic membership and loyalty cards printing for consumers, is also available at PlasCards. These cards give your new club members the chance to become part of a community, part of a family. It offers a great sense of exclusivity with many businesses and stores. When you want to give your loyal and dedicated customers special offers and discounts, plastic discount cards do the trick. They are a great way to keep customers interested and part of the store family. Plastic membership and loyalty cards printing is something we know a lot about, offering quick re-ordering and rush printing to ensure that your customers always have the cards when they need them. Whether you want to customize them for each customer with variable info and photos, or you want a generic membership card for all of them, PlasCards does it all.

Schools, Sports teams, churches and youth activity groups, also benefit a lot from fundraising cards printed on plastic. Local businesses are happy to sponsor part of the fundraising card program to attract new customers to their business, while also supporting the local community.

Custom hotel key cards printing, is another great use of plastic cards. With barcodes and/or a mag stripe printed on back of the card, it allows the hotel front desk to encode it on the go. Another benefit would be the printed artwork on the card doing the hotel advertising at no extra cost, promoting hotel services on the key card for as long as customers carry their key cards is their pockets.

Custom card printing can help any business to find more success, build a great and loyal customer base, and to work more efficiently. Plastic business cards is a good example of a great business tool that does a lot of branding for very little effort or expense. When you have gift cards available to customers and employees, there is no need to overthink or wonder how they will turn out. You know that they work because they have worked for so long before. With their relatively low initial cost, you do not have to worry about huge losses, either. Custom printed gift cards deliver great results without a huge investment.

What Our Customers Recently Said About Us:

Review By: Ricky wilson on 09/11/2017

I operate a big packaging company and I wanted to give for my employees a personalized gift card for christmas as a thank you for their loyal work, but I was worried how it will look like and also if I will get it on time, but plascards with their helpful customer service representatives helped me all along the way and it arrived quickly and I was shocked how cool it looked, and my workers really appreciated the gift and were very happy.

Thank you plascards, I will definitely be ordering again and more often for my business needs.

4 of 5 Stars! 4/5 stars

Review By: Larry Lee on 08/08/2017
I've had a great experience with My order arrived fast and the service was very efficient. Thank you for the excellent service and great quality.

5 of 5 Stars! 5/5 stars

Review By: Martin Wire on 11/03/2016
Our membership cards arrived and they look great. I will refer your company to all my folks. I really enjoyed doing business with you.

5 of 5 Stars! 5/5 stars

Review By: Cheskel Kohn on 05/09/2016
Thanks for the out of this world great service you provided for the plastic loyalty cards we printed with you. It was very nice and glossy, everybody loved it.

5 of 5 Stars! 5/5 stars

Review By: Seth Devlin on 04/25/2016
You guys provided the best options for plastic cards with barcodes and logo printing. You've made a seemingly confusing process into a real simple one, explaining the dos and dont's of variable data printing, and so gladly helped with setting up the barcode and member data. The result product is a stuning shiny plastic membership card with our logo, designed to impress. Thank you

5 of 5 Stars! 5/5 stars

Review By: Heather Ross on 04/15/2016
Before ordering, we've ordered samples from many plastic card printers online, the plastic cards we received from you guys were by far the best quality. As expected our order of custom membership cards arrived on time and with the glossy finish we hoped for. Thank you Pia

5 of 5 Stars! 5/5 stars

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