Custom Plastic Card Printing with Barcode
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Plastic Cards with Barcodes

Download here a barcode test sheet and scan it with your barcode scanner.

There are a wide variety of printed barcode types you can print on plastic cards. In this article, we will discuss most of them. You will learn what they are used for, the length of the barcode, and any other facts that will help you decide which barcode to print on your plastic cards.

Plastic Barcode Card Printing
Barcode Card Printing

Barcode 39 Type 39, Code 3 of 9 (C-39, Code 39)
This barcode can technically be of any length, but itís rare that it exceeds 12 characters because doing so makes it hard or impossible to scan.

This barcode includes all the uppercase letters, numbers 1 through 9, and symbols which include space, period, plus, minus, dollar sign, slash, and percent. The Code 3 of 9 barcode is often used by the government and other industries.

Barcode 128 Type 128, Code 128 (C-128)
If you are looking to ship an item, this is the barcode to use on your printed plastic cards order. It is commonly used in the shipping industry by companies such as Amazon. These barcodes are numeric or alphabetic only and is capable of using all 128 ASCII characters.

Numbers on this barcode can be printed above, below, or to the right of left of the barcode. However, itís most common to see the numbers or letters below the barcode.

Barcode UPC-A UPC-A
This barcode identifies the manufacturer of a product which allows people and businesses to look up the price. This barcode is very helpful for retailers. It can be used for returns or to check the price of an item that hasnít been marked in the store.

This barcode in only used in the United States. It consists of 12 numbers. The first number indicates which numbering system is being used, the next 5 indicate the manufacturer of the product, the 5 after that indicate the type of product, and the last number is a Modulo 10 checksum.

Barcode EAN-13 EAN-13
The EAN-13 barcode is used in every country. This barcode is commonly placed on retail goods that are shipping from country to country.

This barcode consists of a 2 or 3 number code the indicates what country the product is from, 4 of 5 data digits, and a checksum digit.

Barcode EAN-8 EAN-8
The EAN-8 barcode includes 4 to 5 numbers that are considered data digits, a 2 or 3-digit country code, and a checksum number.

This barcode is primarily used to try to use up the least amount of space possible on the package. The barcode is only issued when another barcode takes up too much space on the item being delivered.

QR Code QR Code

A QR code is a fairly recent phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular on custom plastic card printing. Basically, you scan it using a smartphone or other electronic device and it initiates an action. For example, scanning a QR code may open any website URL or download an app to your phone.

These codes can easily be generated for free online.

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