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May 1, 2017

How To Make Your Fundraising Card Campaign a Success

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Fundraising cards with snap off key tags create a win-win-win scenario for the fundraising organization, customers who are buying the cards, and the local businesses. Depending on what cards they buy, customers get access to a variety of local deals and discounts. Local businesses including chain restaurants and retail stores get to promote their business and bring in fresh customers. The fundraising organization sell these cards directly to customers at around 90% profit. The accumulated profit then goes to a fundraising cause.

How It All Works?

If you are running a fundraising organization you need to start by approaching local businesses willing to give away discounts. Once the discount or deal is finalized, fundraising cards need to be printed, which would display the particular discount and the associated terms. You then need to sell these cards to customers, who would take them to the store and avail the deal.

5 Tips to Boost the Sale of Fundraising Cards

Without a proper plan, your fundraising campaign is doomed to fail. To make sure your charitable cause gets the money it deserves, the following are five tips to get the most out of your fundraising cards campaign.

Hire a Professional Card Printing Firm

Businesses usually don’t want to be associated with fundraising campaigns that lack professionalism. Cheaply printed fundraising card can not only impact sales but also tarnish the brands offering the discounts. The best way forward is to source your fundraising cards from a reputed custom print company such as Plascards. It also makes sense to choose plastic fundraising cards over cards printed on cheap stock paper.

Train the Volunteers

The fundraising team that’s out selling the cards need to be properly trained. They should know and be able to explain the details of the fundraising cause. The volunteers should also know the offer details and the associated terms. This is why it’s important to gather all the volunteers and conduct a pre-sale training session complete with mock scenarios.

Set a Clear Goal

Most fundraising cards are sold at around 80% to 90% percent profit. Before you start selling a single card you need to know exactly how many cards you need to sell to break even. Depending on how much money you want raise, you should also set a clear sales target.  Make sure all the volunteers know the overall target and are motivated enough to achieve it.

Set Target Audience

Location makes all the difference when it comes to selling fundraising cards. This is why it’s important to create a list of locations based on their average footfalls. It’s also a good idea to target specific groups of customers depending on the type of offer on the card.

Launch a Pre-Sale Campaign

A pre-sale campaign helps you create awareness about the cause. This builds the hype required to drive the sales up when the cards are out for sale. Some fundraising organizations even start collecting money for the card, which allows them to gather enough funds to pay for the printing cost.


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