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May 1, 2017

5 Types of Custom Plastic Cards Your Business Needs to Succeed

Custom plastic cards

Growing a business is all about forging customer relationship. A multi-pronged plastic card program can add teeth to your firm’s print marketing campaign. For the uninitiated, a plastic card program refers to everything from plastic membership cards to business cards printed on plastic. Inexpensive than other marketing methods, a well-managed plastic card program can help you get more customers, convert regular customers to loyal customers, and retain existing loyal customers. Shift your print marketing efforts to the next gear by getting these five types of custom plastic card for your business.

Plastic Business Cards: With its innovative look and feel, plastic business cards make the best first impression. When you are out there trying to generate sales and build business contacts, a business card that looks premium can help fortify brand value. A plastic business card can also be embedded with NFC chips, allowing customers to quickly save your contact information using their smartphones. Perhaps the biggest reason to shift from paper to plastic business cards is to showcase your company’s dedication to choosing quality over cost.

Plastic Membership Cards

In the day and age where most companies issue digital membership cards or cheap paper ones, a premium-looking plastic membership card holds real value. The problem with E-membership cards is that they can easily get lost in an inbox that receives dozens of marketing mails every day. A virtual card also fails to generate the pride associated with carrying around a physical membership card. A high-quality plastic membership card or a privilege access card often becomes a show-off piece which members proudly show to their friends and relatives. This helps boost brand awareness and value.

Plastic Loyalty Cards

You really don’t want to cheap out when you are trying to thank your loyal customers for their regular business. A loyalty card is not just about giving your customers access to discounts and deals. It’s actually more about making your customers feel special and part of the family. A cheap-looking paper loyalty card can have a detrimental effect and can prompt your loyal customers to take their business elsewhere. This is why it’s important to give your customers plastic loyalty card which they will be proud to show off.

Plastic Gift Cards

Gifting is all about making your loved ones feel special. It’s imperative that gift cards available in your retail store look gift-worthy. No matter what the discount, a dull-looking paper gift card would almost always gather dust. Gift cards not only need to have a great print quality but they should also feel good in the hand. Plastic gift cards look and feel like premium credit cards and when paired with custom card holders, they make a gift that your customers would be proud to purchase.

Plastic Luggage Tags

In an airport full of luggage and luggage tags, only the most attractive ones manage to attract attention. High-quality plastic tags can catch the eye of a lot of people sitting on airport benches and bus stands, thus generating brand awareness. The great thing about a beautiful-looking plastic luggage tag is that some people choose to keep the tag on well past their travel dates.

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